Thursday, August 16, 2007

Skirt Tales

Elizabeth in Alaska wears a far-from-dowdy hand-me-down from Grandmother.

A move accross campus prompted me to take inventory of my wardrobe. I had hoped to find some clothes I could toss out, or at least pass along to the Free Box (the place for student shoppers) because I'm taking up more than half the closet my roommate and I share. However, what I discovered surprised me; I have more than 20 skirts and I don't want to part with any of them. I guess you could say I collect skirts.

Since it's obvious my closet won't hold all the skirts I see and love, and because not every skirt I like will fit, I thought I'd expand my collection to include other people's skirts. When I see a pretty skirt, I'll ask its wearer for permission to photograph it! Or if I spot your skirt photo on the web, I may just ask you if I may post it here. These photographs, along with shots of favorite skirts in my collection, will appear in "Skirt Tales," a series celebrating feminity.


Jessica said...

YAY! The beginning of the skirt series...I'm excited! The Free Box sounds like the New To You at my you said, definitely the place for students to "shop"! And again, hopefully I'll get my skirt picture to you soon! But it sounds like you have quite a few pictures already...I'm looking forward to seeing them all!

Amy said...

I think this is a true 'from dowdy to wowdy' even if it was never dowdy in the first place! :-D

Amy said...
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