Saturday, August 25, 2007

Inspiring Images (& A Skirt Tale)

Seeking old-fashioned inspiration for your wardrobe? The Baker Lane Inspiring Image Archives offer a wealth of it! Now viewable on Flickr, the gallery includes images of most of the custom projects I created while dressmaking at Baker Lane. Enjoy!

Psst! Notice the broomstick skirt I'm wearing. I didn't make it, but it was a favorite for years. Only when it was in shreds was I convinced to retire it to the rag bag. Then, o happy day, I found its twin at a thrift store, in red!

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Sabine said...

I found your blog through Pleasant Times. I love broomstick skirts! I had intended to make my second one recently. There's a link to instructions, on my blog (scroll down a few entries). I ended up leaving it un-crinkly because I love it as it is.

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