Saturday, November 22, 2008

After Lorna Doone

When the wind turns biting, a skirt like this one is oh, so cozy! Inspired by tartan dirndls worn in Lorna Doone (2001), I fashioned this skirt from heavy blanket flannel and here, you see it paired with a modern top. For a more dramatic effect, a fitted westkit, or laced bodice, worn over a chemise would fit the bill.

Tip: check out Lorna Doone if you haven't seen it!


Lillibeth said...

This is lovely! Perfect for Autumn days. Thanks for the inspiration!
I haven't seen the Lorna Doone movie yet but I have read the book twice:)

gail said...

You have inspired me to reread Lorna Doone, having first read it as a child in the 60's. Required reading for our Calvert Curriculum.